10 Impacts the Expired Medicine Disposal – The majority of consumers do not understand what the meaning of that date or the expired medicine disposal. Since 1979, the FDA requires drug manufacturers to include an expiration date, both generic and patented medicines.

“However, if the time has passed, does not mean the drug directly ineffective or dangerous”

Date listed are manufacturer guaranteed time limit when the drug is still potent. The expiration date is 12 to 60 months from production. In many cases, expired medicine disposal had never tested the effectiveness or potential poison him.

10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Some pharmacists who wrote a warning to dispose of expired medicine immediately when they have passed a fixed date. Typically, this period is one year after the drug was opened from the packaging. This rule is required in 17 states, but in fact, there is little research on this. It is entirely possible interesting that can still be drunk after ten years.

Old medicine were conditions when the drug concentration was reduced by between 25-30% of its initial level. The expiration date is the date chosen by the manufacturer that produces the drug to guarantee full of the drug before the expiry date. Expiry date, not the time specified by the government and the health department and this date does not indicate how long a drug suitable for consumption. Medication may expire before the expiration date specified by the manufacturer or they can be consumed even though it was passed a few years after the expiry date. Therefore, we need to know the signs of expired drugs to avoid the use of expired drugs

10 Signs Drug Expiry:


Solid can be a tablet dosage form, capsules, pills, and powders. Changes in the kind of discoloration, odor, flavor and consistency. Tablets and capsules quickly absorb water from the air to be melted, sticky and broken. Packaging may be bloated. Tablet changing the size, thickness and there are spots. Each tablet in the pack size is not the same, and the writing on the tablet may fade. Capsules change the size and length, having split the tablet and color fading. Drug powder will agglomerate if it has undergone a chemical reaction.


Semisolid can be preparations ointments, creams, pastes, and jellies. Ointments and creams may change consistency and become fragmented, the smell and the viscosity is changed, softened, losing its water component, no longer homogeneous, the size distribution and particle shape are uneven, and its pH changes.


The liquid can be elixirs, syrups, emulsions and oral suspensions. Commonly affected by heat. The change is regarding color, consistency, acidity, solubility, and viscosity; liquid dosage forms become homogeneous. Some drugs, such as injectable medicines and eye drops or ear, quickly damaged when exposed to light.
There are tiny particles that float in liquid medicines, but this is normal in the suspension. The smell and taste of the drug turn into sharp as bleach, acid, gasoline, pungent. Signs Expiry liquid medicines include: Becoming cloudy or raised sediment, viscosity changes, color or flavor change or a plastic bottle was broken or leaking.


Gas can be oxygen, aerosol leak, contamination particle, broken tube function and reduced weight. If dosed then there are different dosages.
Tablet Changes in color, odor or taste. Damage in the form of stains, spots, holes, chipped, broken, cracked or there is a foreign body, so the powder or moist. Bottles broke of tablet container. Some types of tablets there are wet or sticky one another
Discoloration capsule contents of the capsule. Open capsules, empty, broken or attached to one another ointment Color changing, pot or tube damaged or leaking or smell changes.

10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Dangers of Expired Drugs

In fact, many drugs are sold immediately that does not turn into poison in a minute or even a year after expiration passed. It turns out that date only indicates how long the drug manufacturer can guarantee the efficacy and safety of the drug. If the pharmaceutical companies to test for three years, does not mean that the drug will not last as long as six years. They just have not tested it. “So, from where you can see how important the expiration date? We will show you where you should obey, consider, or ignore the expiration date.

10 Impact of Expired Drugs


Antibiotics are drugs that can inhibit growth or even kill bacteria, fungi, and protozoa. Antibiotics that have expired can lead to resistance, killing the bacteria that required by the body, and may show decreased biochemical systems in the body. Other effects, could disrupt the body’s excretion is the disruption of kidney function, considering the main active ingredient of certain antibiotics nephrotoxic compounds or toxic to the renal system functioning. Tetracycline is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that can cause damage to the renal tubules or skin disorders when consumed after the expiry date. Antibiotics should be stored at room temperature and not exposed to sunlight.

10 Impacts the Expired Medicine Disposal

10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Must be known terms an antibiotic is to be effective at low concentrations, can inhibit the growth or kill one or more types of microorganisms, can not have the side effects of a toxic significant, effective against pathogens, can be stored for long periods without losing their activity.
Then the antibiotic can be eliminated from body perfectly after administration terminated and is very stable to be isolated and processed in appropriate doses so that the body can absorb quickly.


10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Insulin is a hormone used in the treatment of some types of diabetes mellitus. Patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus depend on exogenous insulin (injected under the skin / subcutaneous) for safety because of the absolute deficiency of the hormone. Patients with type 2 diabetes have low levels of insulin production or insulin resistant and sometimes require insulin adjustment when other treatments are not sufficient to regulate blood glucose levels.

Enzymes Ranpirnase

Enzymes Ranpirnase also called a ribonuclease enzyme that breaks down RNA work, found in Rana pipiens oocytes. Clinically identified as new chemotherapy drugs for cancer (mesothelioma). Drugs commonly affected protein storage temperature. Variations due to the control of temperature enzyme called thermolabile.

Mumps Vaccine

10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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The vaccine is a vaccine for mumps virus. To maintain good conditions remain vaccine is usually stored in the refrigerator. Mumps vaccine has a long half-life that is 65 days when stored at a temperature of 23 C.
Measles vaccine that has been dissolved can only be used on the same day (up to 8 hours) and even then valid vaccine during this time is saved at 2 ° – 8 ° C and protected from sunlight. Solvents must be stored at a cool temperature before use.


Antalgin which expired can cause abnormalities in red blood or consume.


Paracetamol is consumed continuously and is past expiration can cause symptoms of liver damage.

Symmetrel and Flumadine

Symmetrel and Flumadine is an anti-viral medicine used to prevent and treat influenza, with the temperature and proper storage is still good after 25 years. Drugs in liquid form are less stable than tablets, powders or capsules.

Contraceptive Drugs

10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Preventive medications that have expired can not prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills should be stored in a dry place and away from sunlight. Expiration is five years. Injectables are kept at a temperature of 15-30 C in an upright position facing upwards and away from direct sunlight.


Before you consume expired medicines whatever, consider what the worst thing that could happen if the medicine is not working. If the medicine is a sunscreen, then you can invite skin cancer. Do not hesitate to throw away expired sunscreen. If you often put the sunscreen bottle in the place exposed to direct sunlight get rid of it even before the expiration date. The intense heat can accelerate the breakdown of the active ingredients in it, and make your skin unprotected.


10 Impacts the Expired Drugs Disposal
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Various studies have shown that aspirin loses its effectiveness over time. In one study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, Dr. Cantrell and his colleagues found that aspirin decade-old only has a remainder of 1% of the initial capability. Then, what aspirin bottled one year after the expiration date? In such cases, trust your nose. Aspirin was broken split into acetic acid, which resembles the smell of vinegar. Not dangerous, but the benefits will not be sufficient.