7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes – At present to be aware of every man is prioritizing sexual health conditions because it is critical to the harmony of married couples in the future. Each couple would want a healthy offspring and superior, in other words, a man must have an average sexual health.

What is Premature Ejaculation

If you have problems with sexual health, especially reproductive health, this will result in the quality of your offspring or risk the possibility of not having children. Women will consider if the sexual health of a man is less healthy because it can affect the aspects of domestic life. Because the reason why sexual health is critical to the future of a more harmonious family.

“The big problem often faced by married couples now is premature ejaculation causes”

The intimate satisfaction which can be fatal for the male to the female partner. Premature ejaculation is a condition in men who can only survive less than 2 minutes during the start of sex because it is not able to ejaculate too quickly. You can review the deeper in the article Definition of Premature Ejaculation and How to Overcome It. An ideal sexual intercourse is 10-20 minutes.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation

The situation can be a significant problem if not treated immediately, as it can have an impact on your partner’s sexual dissatisfaction. To avoid premature ejaculation, you can do some things that you may not know. Here are the things that you need to prevent to avoid the problem of premature ejaculation to support your family harmony.

1. Reduce Masturbation Habits

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Women on Bed, Source: greatist.com


Masturbation or masturbation with a high frequency can cause premature ejaculation causes. Masturbation habit which too often can lead to weak nerves located in the penis. When you have sex ejaculation happens is going to happen so quickly because the nerves that are sensitive due to too frequent masturbation. The habit of masturbation is too fast can lead to weak nerves of the penis and ejaculation will happen durability will be weakened.

2. Kegel Exercises

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Kegel Exercises, Source: doolafit.com

One way to avoid premature ejaculation is by doing Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are movements that aimed to tighten the pelvic muscles below. This activity is helpful to stretch the muscles under the uterus, bladder, and colon. These exercises can train the muscles of your penis because it can adjust well when you want to cures for premature ejaculation. You can also do when you urinate. When urinating to do is control the muscles that normally inhibit the release of urine. With practice stopping and diuretic regularly, you will be trained to be able to control your ejaculation.

3. Sex Therapy

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Sex Therapy, Source: psych2go.net

This therapy can not be done alone because this requires the help of your wife. This method can train the muscles of the penis to set the duration of ejaculation, is easy enough that your body lay supine position and make sure you have an erection. Tell your wife to masturbate to your penis, how this should be done with slow speed. By the time you intend to ejaculation, cures for premature ejaculation is done your wife because this way means to control the function of nerves in your penis. By doing this repeatedly, premature ejaculation, you will slowly disappear.

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Source: bp.blogspot.com

4. Penetration Tempo Slow

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Penetration, Source: ytimg.com

Maybe some men say that the penetration is scrumptious when having sex. Penetration in a hurry can lead to penile muscles are not able to control ejaculation. Therefore, your emotion controls how long the penetration you do with the wife; penetration too fast can be a problem for you. With the penetration is not too fast and not hurry you will cures for premature ejaculation.

5. Set Breathing

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Slow Tempo, Source: anaestheticawareness.net

Regulate breathing is critical to do when intercourse begins. The muscles in your body will relax and breath will be controlled accurately due to severe conditions can lead ejaculating too quickly. By regulating breathing properly, you can control the working of your penis. The intensity of penetration can also be helped with regular breathing.

6. Changing Sex Positions

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Women on Top, Source: mymobiledoc.org

When having sex, men need to know a variety of sex positions to overcome premature ejaculation causes. Because the wrong place is resulting in depletion of energy, that will be released. The situation of women on top, he will save energy because there were moves are female. Changing sex positions can aim to balance the energy is drained as a result of sexual intercourse. By changing the position of sex work will normalize penile erection excessively. Sex positions that vary will lead to comfort and satisfaction in intimate relationships.

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7. Apply for an Herbal Medicine

7 Ways Premature Ejaculation Causes
Medical Herbal, Source: kristensraw.com

Some people suggested by medical drugs when experiencing premature ejaculation, however, some medications contain chemicals that are harmful and cause side effects. Many men exposed to venereal diseases because the drugs made from chemicals. The researchers also suggest the herb that has proven it can overcome premature ejaculation. With the Duramax, early ejaculation problem will be resolved because the natural herbal ingredients which efficacy has been proven to stop premature ejaculation. Its use is very easy, with just a squirt Duramax before having sex, you will immediately feel the effect. Erections become harder, deeper penetration with a longer duration, and you will feel the sensation of orgasm incredible.