8 Natural Toothache Medicine – There are so many causes of the injury of cavities among others too often eat sweet foods, one in brushing teeth and so forward. External factors such as the water are not clear, it can also cause a toothache.

“It is essential for us to keep dental hygiene in order not to have cavities edges will cause tremendous pain”

Cavities are usually attacked in molars. That is why it makes us hard to eat and take a bite. If cavities you have outgrown you can get him to the doctor. However, before going to the doctor, you may be able to heal cavities with

1. Lime

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Lime, Source: thedailybeast.com

The first toothache medicine can use lime juice. Did you know, Lemons can be a pain medication cavities naturally? The trick freshly squeezed the orange juice in the cavities. It would be a little sore, but the pain of his teeth will quickly disappear. The content of vitamin C can heal the pain of cavities. To get the most add a little salt to the mix the lemon juice, then apply on the aching tooth. Feel the sensation of your toothache will disappear instantly.

2. Cloves

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Clove, Source: fitnesskites.com

Cloves have potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and behave as anesthesia can heal wounds and kill bacteria in cavities. The trick drops of clove oil in a glass of water and then make water as mouthwash for a toothache. It also can be a way to shed clove oil on cotton and stick it on cavities.

8 Natural Toothache Medicine

3. Salt

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Salt, Source: inhabitat.com

From the first salt had been used as a potent pain medication cavities. The content sodium serves as a painkiller due to a toothache. The trick enters a little salt in warm water. Then gargle with water several times and the pain of a long time will disappear.

4. Pepper

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Black Pepper, Source: essentialoilspedia.com

The way you use pepper and salt mixed into one. Add a little water to form a paste. Then apply a paste of pepper and salt in the cavities. Let stand a few minutes, then rinse with clean water. Perform this activity several times with the pain of cavities healed.

5. Onions

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Onions, Source: harvesttotable.com

Shallots can also be a pain medication cavities. Red onions have anti-microbial properties and also antiseptic to cure a toothache. The trick takes 1 piece of onion, peeled. Chew onion in your mouth. If you can not chew. You can apply onion in the cavities.

8 Natural Toothache Medicine

6. Garlic

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Garlic, Source: macfieldmd.com

Garlic has antibiotic characteristics that can destroy the bacteria in cavities. So the teeth do not hurt and pain again. The trick grabs 1 clove garlic, grown until smooth and then add a little salt. Rub garlic impact on the sore tooth. Perform routine until the pain in your heal cavities.

7. Leaves Guava

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Guava, Source: glamsquadmagazine.com

Cashew leaves can also be used as medicine, Chew some guava leaves that have been cleaned. Alternatively, it could by mashing guava leaves and then apply on the aching tooth. Let me for a few minutes until your tooth pain disappeared.

8. Tamarind Seed

8 Natural Toothache Medicine
Tamarind, Source: curiousnut.com

That simple to grab some tamarind seeds. Roasted few minutes until slightly dry. Then mash tamarind seeds until smooth, then apply on the cavities or pain. A toothache with tamarind seeds are rarely applied, but the effect is available when applying on the aching tooth.

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Other dental pain medications can also take advantage of generic drugs from medical. The effect may be more quickly subsided, but the fear is that the side effects of chemical medications that may affect your health.

That is 8 natural herbal ingredients can be used as a pain medication cavities. Do it this way on a regular basis until you are cured toothaches. If it still hurt you have to pull teeth to the dentist are nearby that do not interfere with your daily activities. Keep your oral health and teeth by brushing teeth regularly 2 times a day and after meals. Other than that not too often eat sweet foods and also the food was still hot.