Now, there is a healing system tumor, both potentially cancerous or not, without having surgery and be free of pain. A system called Cyberknife Robotic Surgery is available in Southeast Asia and is only found in Malaysia.

With stereotactic based radiosurgery, the system is capable of treating cancers by tracking tumor through 4D robot in real time. If during this time only use radiotherapy as an effective way to drive out disease, Cyberknife Robotic Surgery works in an unusual way.

Cyberknife Robotic Surgery can reach the existence of tumors that were previously difficult to access, untreated or inoperable because the tumor is located in a sensitive organ. As in the brainstem, the neural pathways, or spinal cord.

Currently this technology works, the radiation beam will be focused on the center of the tumor in the body and does not harm the surrounding organs. Therefore, CyberkKnife well suited for treating cancer of the prostate, lung, liver, nasopharyngeal, spine to the brain.

Remarkably, this technology does not make the cut, cut specific tissues and organs, even not left in pain after surgery so the best choice for conventional surgery for patients at risk of age and health.

Best Innovation Cyberknife Robotic Surgery

Best Innovation Cyberknife Robotic Surgery

First Cyberknife is only available at Stanford University, USA. Since 2001, the Cyberknife system has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This system has been completed in more than 150 locations, including 100 hospitals in the United States.

Stanford University also has approximately 2500 patients heal using Cyberknife system. Even Cyberknife has cured 40,000 patients in the world.

However, for cancer patients need not worry anymore, because of this latest technology has existed in the Beacon Hospital. Oncologist, there have been specially trained in the United States and eventually become a pioneer in the hospital from Malaysia, Beacon Hospital. They have experienced more than ten years with more than 1400 cases of cancer.

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The cost of cancer treatment at the Beacon Hospital is the most cost effective compared to other hospitals, which ranged between Rp90 million to Rp150 million. Compared with surgery, the cost of healing with Cyberknife certainly cheaper.

Beacon Hospital has also established Radiotherapy Welfare Fund since 2011 to help cancer patients who are less able. They cost which amounted to Rp22 million through the CSR program.