Green Life Healthy – Children today who claim not to want to miss always follow the latest trends that exist. Including ear piercing, which is used to do by a woman, but men also have many uses piercing, Ear Piercings Caused Hepatitis.

For you, parents who want to pierce daughter at the mall or other public places are expected to be careful because it can be at risk of infection by hepatitis. That is because usually, needles used are not sterile, then your ears will be comfortable to infection.

Dr. Julia Tzu dermatologist and founder of Dermatology Wall Street in New York to explain about piercing studios scattered in the shopping center is not necessarily using sterile instruments. According to the medical point of view, all things that go into the surface of the skin can cause infection if conditions are not sterile tools. Reporting from Good Housekeeping.

Ear Piercings Caused Hepatitis

Ear Piercings Caused Hepatitis

While the Medical Center of Duke University supported the statement presented by Dr. Tzu, “Tools for piercing bullet can not be sterilized, because the tools are scattered in the studio at the mall plastic derived from,” he said.

Plastics are sterilized by autoclaving (a heater to clean objects) will turn into a melt, because the autoclave can only sterilize objects such as needles and jewelry that is not made of plastic.

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The use of the sharp tool is only cleaned with an antiseptic solution is still a high risk of the spread of hepatitis and infectious diseases. According to the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), the people who did the piercing in a shopping center can affect health. In fact, if it is done by children, can be more fatal risky due to the child’s immune system is not stable, so the risk of infection is greater.

As the saying goes the old days better to prevent than to treat. More we prevent our children from infection of the already contracted hepatitis later would be very dangerous because it is very difficult to cure.