Green Life Healthy – The hemorrhoid is not a disease. According to the medical and anatomical hemorrhoid is not a disease, but rather a change in bearing veins in the anus. As for the modification in the form of widening and swelling of blood vessels and tissue that is around the anus itself, it’s the easy ways about Hemorrhoid prevention.

“Actual hemorrhoid itself is not too dangerous, only feared if left unchecked will occur inflammation and can lead to infections that will ultimately result in complications at the anus”

Common symptoms of hemorrhoids usually are rectal bleeding occurs, then also felt a lump at the anus when sitting, especially after a bowel movement, feels there is something out of the anus. The part that came out is called piles or hemorrhoids. Cages also will pitch in the anus that comes out of the, for long if it always rubbed against the pants, it will cause inflammation

Hemorrhoid Causes

Factors causing hemorrhoid itself is from the pattern of your life. Most of what happens are due to squat too long and for too long defecation. That is because you do not consume enough fiber so hard to defecate.

For women also usually caused by pregnancy due to hormonal changes, generally, in the process of pregnancy anus of women will experience many contractions. For other causes also usually caused by diarrhea or constipation that is chronic or severe.

Easy Ways about Hemorrhoid Prevention

Easy Ways about Hemorrhoid Prevention

How to treat Hemorrhoid

The most severe are by surgery. In the operation of the anus that comes out will be cut so it will not bother anymore. But if it is still treatable, of course, is better treated first because the operation is not cheap and even painful.

Easy Ways about Hemorrhoid Prevention

Easy Ways about Hemorrhoid Prevention

As for some natural remedies to treat hemorrhoids is like guava leaves, Gotu kola leaf, violet leaf, aloe vera. lemon juice, mangosteen peel, and leaves of the soursop. How to use it pretty easy, you just consume the decoction of the leaves or taking it directly. To get the maximum results suggested that routinely consume.

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A healthy lifestyle is also very important to be applied here in the way of treating hemorrhoids. Because if your lifestyle is not healthy, it will be difficult to recover. As for the way he is:

Adopting a healthy lifestyle

  • Consuming foods that contain lots of fiber such as vegetables and fruits
  • Drinking water at least 8 times a day or the equivalent of 2 liters of water
  • Regular exercise and much activity, do not be too much time sitting
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Do not be too long during defecation
  • Do not engage in sexual intercourse in the anus
  • Do not often hold small or large bowel

That is articles on the causes and how to treat hemorrhoids. May be useful for readers who are affected by hemorrhoids.