8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores – Complaints such as ulcers in the throat are very disturbing. Complaints such as thrush or pharyngitis do not only occur on the tongue, lips, or in the area of ​​the mouth only. However, can also arise in the throat area.

“Moreover, there is no doubt indeed that the condition is intolerable and too intrusive”

The canker sore cause owns assortment. Also because the body is deficient in vitamin C, Canker sores are also caused by fungal infections, bacteria, viruses, too often consume foods that irritate or irritants, smoking, trauma to the throat. This thrush condition can be overcome by natural means or methods of medical treatment.

For those of you who need a reference to coping with canker sores in the throat or pharyngitis, then here are some ways to overcome ulcers in the throat, fast and efficient.

Best Way to Heal a Canker Sore

Selective Selecting Food

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Junk Food, Source: drodd.com

When experiencing pharyngitis or ulcers in the throat then you should pay attention to the food that is consumed. Avoid certain foods such as oily foods concentrated, spicy foods. Because these foods contain high acidic and will only worsen irritation of thrush.

High vitamin Food Consumption

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
High Vitamin Food, Source: chfa.ca

In addition to consuming foods containing vitamin C is high, when you get canker sores in the throat, then you should also consume foods rich in iron and vitamin B12. Preferably food consumption in more nutrients and nutrition perfect as carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and minerals.

The Salt Water Solution

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Salt Water – Source: sun-gazing.com

To relieve Pering and pain in the throat due to canker sores, then you can try to rinse using a solution of this salt water. How to make it very easy, only prepare a glass of warm water and mix with 1/4 tablespoons fine salt. Stir to blended and used to rinse for approximately 1 minute. This can be done 3 to 4 times a day to relieve pain and burning in the throat.

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores

Fulfill Needs Rest

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Women Rest, Source: collective-evolution.com

When the body has thrush, then, of course, the body’s metabolic system is being disrupted. That is why when you have canker sores in the throat or pharyngitis should meet daily rest period. Minimalnnya fill your sleep time up to 8 hours every night for the body to repair and regenerate damaged cells.

Mineral Water Consumption Up to 2 Liters Per Day

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Mineral Water, Source: wpmix.net

It is known that one of the causes of canker sores is the lack of intake of fluids in the body. Therefore when you have thrush then try to meet the needs of body fluids by drinking mineral water at least 8 to 10 glasses each day. Moreover, of course, it would be better if you can drink water up to 2 liters or more per day.

Using Onion Juice

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Onion Juice, Source: businessinsider.com

Just imagine it might have made us feel sick. However, despite it all, the onion is known to contain antifungal and anti-bacterial properties are very high. For that by rinsing using onion juice mixed with natural honey will help heal ulcers in the throat, or pharyngitis.

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Avoid Bad Habits

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Bad Habits, Source: amandacarroll.org

If you have an addiction like smoking or in drinking alcohol, then you should stop the practice. Because of these habits will only worsen the condition of the thrush infection in the suffering. Avoid the habit of eating food or hot drinks to irritation in the throat does not deteriorate.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene

8 Ways to Overcome Canker Sores
Oral Hygiene – Source: westmeadedental.com

It is inevitable that viruses and bacteria that cause pharyngitis are channeled into the throat through the mouth. That is why to ulcers in the throat from getting worse should be able to maintain a healthy mouth by brushing your teeth regularly. Because the rest of the food contained in the mouth has an enormous potential to infect sore or sores that contained in the throat.