6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy – How to overcome the allergy itching at this time are very diverse and manifold. Overcoming allergies that affect itching of the skin must not only be solved with medical drugs but also can be addressed with a variety of natural way.

“Because of complaints such as allergies, of course, must be treated immediately and do not go unpunished”

Allergies that occur in the skin to cause itching known to be due to several factors. If left untreated, the condition will usually enter the stage of dermatitis or trade on the skin with itching and rash there. Then, how to overcome the allergy itch? Here are some ways to overcome the allergic itching to try.

Using Orange Lemon Juice

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Lemon Juice, Source: foodnetwork.com

The content of vitamin C, acetic acid, citric acid, until the content of antibacterial contained in the lemon juice is known to be hypo-allergenic. To overcome the itching due to allergies, it can dip cotton in the lemon juice and rub and rub on the skin itching due to allergies. Only the way is only for small itchy areas and not too broad.

Using Baking Soda

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Baking Soda, Source: .paleoplan.com

To treat itching due to allergy is severe enough throughout the entire body, it can use a solution of water with baking soda. Mix about one cup of baking soda with a bucket of warm water, then use the solution of water for bathing or soaking up itching all over the body is reduced. This solution is also known to help relieve swelling on the skin for itchy allergy.

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy

Using Basil

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Basil, Source: maxpull-gdvuch3veo.netdna-ssl.com

One of the other natural materials that can be used to treat itchy skin allergy which is basil. Because in the basil leaves are known as one of the essential oil content of which is eugenol. To treat itching due to allergies, then boil about 100 grams of basil leaves with enough water to cook. Cover tightly and use the water when boiling to warm moments to compress the skin itch.

Using Cream Hydrocortisone

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Cream Hydrocortisone, Source: multipharmacy.com

One variant of lotions or creams are capable of coping with itching due to allergies is with this Hydrocortisone ointment or cream. However, you should use this topical medication under the supervision of medical specialists such as a dermatologist. Hydrocortisone Ointment is known to fight allergies are caused by insect bites. Note also be side effects when using this topical medication not to make allergies worse.

Using Protopic Ointment

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Protopic Ointment, Source: bp.blogspot.com

Protopic is also known as one medical topical medications can be used to treat an itchy skin allergy. Creams or ointments are known to work in a way or a system that reduces the immune response that works too cheap or too fat. Topical drug products may also be obtained at the nearest pharmacy, and the price is not too high. However, their use should remain as recommended, and the dose that has been set.

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Using Medication Allergy Loratadine

6 Ways to Overcome the Allergy
Allergy Loratadine, Source: multipharmacy.com

Different from the two types of allergy medications previously, Loratadine is a medical drug or drugs taken orally for healing from within. Oral medications work by reducing and mitigating the excess histamine levels in the body. However, some contra-indications must be kept and should use this type of oral medication was under the advice of medical experts or dermatologist.

Several variants of pharmaceutical drugs and natural remedies above are known potent and efficient in treating an itchy skin allergy. However, if it had been using drugs over allergies does not go away, then you should immediately contact and consult with a dermatologist for treatment and more intensive healing.