How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication – Asthma has a wide variety of species. One of them is the kind of asthma. The disease is closely related to the respiratory tract and breathing. This disease if recurrence indicates a special character. The hallmark of asthma is wheezing, coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. When patients with asthma breathed the breath sounds will be heard. This disease can be caused by various factors. There was also caused by genetic factors. Because different cause asthma how to overcome sometimes also different.

“Treatment with chemical substances usually only anti-inflammatory”

How to cope with asthma with anti-inflammatory drugs are given to patients who have acute asthma and creditor. However, these anti-inflammatory drugs have side effects that are not good for health. The side effects of anti-inflammatory drugs obtained from this will lead to calcification of the bones, causing pale moon face is like the moon and other side effects that are not good for the body organs.

How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication

One way to overcome asthma is by inhalation therapy. With inhalation therapy, the patient will be in how to perform inhalation therapy of asthma drugs are directly addressed to the respiratory tract. In this way, the drug will be quickly worked acid. Such therapy is mostly done for other types of asthma sufferers not only on asthma. In addition to using chemical drugs, there are ways to overcome asthma with natural ingredients. A natural herb that can be used to overcome this disease is ginger.

How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication
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How to Cope with Asthma Can Use Natural Remedy following:

Ginger approximately one and a half fingers, 3 cloves of garlic and a half finger sandalwood. First, burn ginger until smooth and then crushed. Thin onion in thin slices mixed with ginger that has been burned and sandalwood cooked add 3 cups of water. Cook the mixture until the water becomes half. Lift then filtered. Stew natural products store in a sterile bottle.

How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication
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How to Eat Natural Remedy For Asthma Coping:

  • If used for children 5-8 years drink three times a day one tablespoon
  • For children 9-12 years old to drink three times a day with a dose of 6 tablespoons
  • For adults taken three times daily at a dose of 8 tablespoons
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How to cope with asthma by using more natural ingredients recommended. Because natural ingredients contain no side effects. Also, the material is easy to use it will be simpler to make your own at home. With such asthmatics also easier to cope with the disease. It is critical to note patients with asthma if consumed natural herb should consider a ban on dietary restrictions. People with asthma have restrictions consume foods made from flour, milk, and cereal.

How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication
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How to Mix Natural Asthma Medication

Treatment with natural herbs nature is a treatment that is controlling. Also, there is also a type of asthma treatment is a rescue. The drug is taken when the patient had an asthma attack. Asthma treatment with natural herbs is the treatment of asthma with the control model. If diligently consume natural herbs that the patient will gradually decrease the frequency of asthma relapse.