How to Quit Smoking Quickly – Smoking is now attacking anyone, ranging from adults, men, women to children. Health experts agree that smoking is not good for our health. In one cigarette may contain millions of toxins and deadly now.

“We will be a variety of tips or powerful way how to stop smoking and will not smoke again”

Lung specialist doctors Rotinsulu Lung Hospital, Dr. Intania Ruri, will give you a few tips and a few other tips that we add to quit smoking quickly.

Sudden Stop

How to Quit Smoking Quickly
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Indeed seem impossible for some people to quit abruptly. However, it is considered effective to eliminate your addiction to cigarettes. Sudden stop that is, if today you still smoke. Tomorrow should immediately stop completely. For some people this powerful way to quit smoking.

How to Quit Smoking Quickly

Make Delays

How to Quit Smoking Quickly
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It was quite a powerful way to reduce the addiction to cigarettes and eventually quit gradually. If the desire to smoke cigarettes come. It is good to divert these desires, doing other activities such as returning to work or eat alone.

By delaying, over time the desire to quit smoking will come naturally because you will feel lazy to smoke cigarettes.

Eating Candy

How to Quit Smoking Quickly
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Eating sweets can relieve you want to smoke, eat candy Consider it a substitute for your smoking. Every time you feel like smoking tries to eat candy until you stop smoking.

How to Quit Smoking Quickly

Reduce Smoking

How to Quit Smoking Quickly
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If you could spend a day one for smoked cigarettes. How to cut that reduce smoking cigarettes a day each week. This will help you to quit smoking over time by the original purpose. The process that is long enough, but it could not hurt to try.

Support People Nearby

The desire to stop smoking not only of yourself. You also need the support of individuals nearby. If you do not have the support, the willingness to quit smoking will be in vain. So the support of those closest to is critical, because of the support of my family and those closest to a badly needed here.

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Now that he is some powerful ways that do not smoke anymore. All basically back on your intentions again. Are you the intention to quit smoking or even ignore it all, including your family. Remember smoking has killed millions of people each year.