Robotic Surgery History – Current robot technology is already highly sophisticated, look just like those used in the industrial world in which production processes are harmful to humans run by a programmed robot. Robot technology was first used for medical purposes in hospitals Glenfield, UK.

Not only in the industrial world but robots are also used in the medical world that designation is helping doctors perform surgery.

Introduction of Robotic Surgery

The medical robot to perform heart surgery seconded that in fact require a high degree of precision and accuracy. But in reality, Robot who first performed the operation success in his duties. The process of cardiac surgery by a robot for the first time was led by Dr. Andre Ng; he uses a remote control to enable the robot to reach the desired precision in the human heart.

Robotic Surgery History
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Exposure to X-rays Dangerous

Interest in the medical world to develop robot technology for this operation first is to avoid doctors and assistant doctors from X-ray exposure during surgery. X-rays are used so that the doctors could see into parts of the heart without having to make an incision or damage is too much. Robot for the operation is moved from the room to the other so that the doctor will not be affected by exposure to X-rays during this doctor is only protected by the unique clothing that is not only heavy but also disrupt the movement of the surgeon during surgery.

Robotic Surgery History

Robotic Surgery History
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Benefits of Medical Robot

The use of robots for surgery has many advantages, in addition, to preventing doctors from X-ray exposure, the robots do surgery with greater precision and easier for doctors to perform his duties because of operations with the robot can directly reach the target of the operation and saves a lot of time, which also means to enlarge the possibility of life of the patients themselves. During conventional operation always takes a long time and must be done in several stages.

Patients who are lucky operated first by a medical robot is a 70-year-old man suffering from heart problems Atrial Flutter in which the heart can not pump blood properly throughout the body. After a successful operation the man who became the robotic surgical patients has been able to act with ordinary.

Robotic Surgery History
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The use of robots for medical purposes is also quite practical because the robot rolled into the operating table so that the patient can be moved to a complete working facility. Physicians who operate the robot is watching the movement of the robot from a monitor that has been provided without exposure to X-ray radiation.
This robotic surgical technology is the result of research from Robotic Catheter Inc. which is a company from New Jersey, USA. The system they developed called The Remote Catheter Manipulation System.