How to Treating a Fever Blister – Each of us has experienced the name of a fever, no fever is mild, and there is also a very high fever and fever when the body becomes weak, you should get plenty of rest and take medication so that the body temperature can quickly decrease.

What is a Fever Blister

Fever is not a disease but due to the effect of interference on the body such as an infection that causes the body into a fever, but we also have to be careful because the temperature may be due to signs of the particular disease such as typhoid, dengue fever, and other diseases, so a fever is signs or signals if we are experiencing disruptions in our body.

The cause of the illness usually we already know the reason within 1 to 2 days, so if you detect the causes of the fever is not due to the common cold then you should see a doctor in order to know the cause for sure, because chances are you are exposed to a particular disease, but you need to be careful if the body temperature rises above 38 degrees especially in children because it can cause seizures.

How to Treating a Fever Blister
How to Treating a Fever Blister – Source:

Fever Blisters Symptoms

There are several common symptoms of a fever blister in a person’s body:
1. Experiencing infections such as urinary tract infections, sinus infections, streptococcal infections, infectious mononucleosis and an abscess on a tooth.
2. For frequent travel abroad to experience the possibility of contracting a particular disease while abroad.
3. Burned scorching sun for too long that cause body fatigue.
4. Too old to play in the water as the cold or rain making body chills and fever.

6 Ways How to Fever Blister Treatment

If you are classified as mild fever and was not caused by certain diseases, then you can relieve your fever naturally, and you can do that in ways as simple as reported from

How to treat a fever blister?

1. Multiple drinking glasses of water, with much drinking in addition to combat the dehydration is also excellent for the fever, with much drinking and urination can help overcome your illness.

2. Compressing with a warm damp cloth, by compressing the most popular natural ways to cope with a high temperature, you can use a cloth or sponge that has been moistened with warm water that is placed on the forehead or it could be in the chest and the abdomen, do the this until the fever goes down, do not use cold water or ice water compresses the time because it can make the body chills.

3. Shower with warm water, usually those suggested fever patients not to bathe during a heat, but it turned out to shower with hot water is excellent for lowering fever because after you wash your body to be fresh and the heat will wane.

4. Try to keep the room temperature cool, room temperature conditions that are too hot even less good because it makes the body temperature is getting hot, if possible, adjust the room temperature stays fresh and airy, with comfortable indoor conditions it can help lower high body temperature.

Brush the leg with garlic that can be used for seasoning is a natural remedy that is excellent for lowering high body temperature, how crushed garlic and mix with coconut oil, and rub on the soles of your foot thoroughly and leave for the night and the next day the fever will decrease.

5. Get plenty of rest to recover the body besides the many breaks endurance will increase so it is good that quick heat down.

6. If necessary, you can take medicine for the fever that fever could be quickly dropped.

That’s all the method preventing fever blisters.