6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women – For pregnant women, it is certainly obliged to know the variety of vegetables that are suitable for pregnant women. Because as we all know that a pregnant woman should be very concerned about food intake is consumed in everyday life.

“It is of course to maintain the health of the mother and the fetus in the womb”

Compared with a variety of other foods, of course, many kinds of vegetables contain vitamins and nutrients are also higher. Particularly might Compare to the various types of fast food or fast food. Moreover, of course, different kinds of vegetables can also be processed into a wide variety of delicious cuisines.

Especially for the mother who is pregnant women, because they usually require more nutrients and vitamins are balanced every day. Nutrition and vitamins are also not only be obtained through foods such as meat and fish but also contained in various types of vegetables.

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women

Vegetables For Pregnant Women at All Ages

That is why the majority of pregnant women will always be required to consume a wide variety of vegetables every day. Indeed, not all circles would have liked vegetables, but for pregnant women should be accustomed to consuming various types of vegetables. Moreover, the following are certain kinds of vegetables for pregnant women.

1. Carrots

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Women Eat Carrots, Source: msecnd.net

Besides having vitamin content is high enough, it turns out carrots also contain folic acid which is safe for pregnant women. These nutrients are needed by pregnant women because it is known to prevent congenital disabilities in the condition, provide nutrients to the brain of the fetus, to help strengthen the mother’s spine.

2. Legumes

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Legumes Family, Source: healthywomen.org

Various types of nuts are also known to be very beneficial for pregnant women, of each type of nuts are known to provide nutrition and nutrition of its own. For example the red bean antioxidants, iron, and protein that will help the development of the fetus in the womb.

3. Spinach

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Pregnant Women Eat Spinach , Source: mdpcdn.com

Green vegetables are known to have a wide variety of nutrients that are excellent for pregnant women. Starting from phosphorus, protein, fat, calcium, vitamin A, C and B1, folic acid until beside substances. Of course, all of the nutritional content that will help the growth and development of the fetus contained in the womb.

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women

4. Broccoli

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Woman Eating Broccoli, Source: nutritionsavvy.ca

Broccoli is known as one of the best types of vegetables consumed by pregnant women. It is known as in broccoli indeed many nutrients are needed by the body, one of which namely folic acid is very high. Nutrition is believed to be very helpful in the development and fetal growth.

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5. Kale

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Kale, Source: natty.joneskilmartingr.netdna-cdn.com

One more types of vegetables that also must be consumed when young pregnant mother’s condition is kale. Vegetables with very diverse nutrient content are also rich in vitamins A and beta-carotene are very high, so it is believed to be excellent for eye development of the fetus. Moreover, kale can help overcome nausea and may add to the blood.

6. Leaves Katuk

6 Kinds of Vegetables for Pregnant Women
Katuk, Source: amazon.com

If you want to give exclusive breastfeeding for the baby in the future, then the mother during pregnancy is required to consume the leaves katuk. These vegetables contain that is not owned by another vegetable that is stereo