11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia – Have you ever experienced insomnia? Insomnia is the inability to sleep or have poor sleep quality that lasts for several days, even up to a few weeks.

There are different types of insomnia, which can not sleep, often waking, waking up too early, not sleep soundly, or a combination of the preceding.

“Insomnia that lasts a long time will affect the health and can interfere with daily activities”

Therefore, fatigue and sleepiness due to insomnia will decrease your performance when you are working or studying.

Then, in what way can we do to prevent insomnia?

1. Change the atmosphere of your room. Make sure you have a comfortable bed and according to your needs. Beds were uncomfortable going to cause problems in the muscles and bones that can disturb your sleep.

11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia
Sleeping Room, Source: e-partenaire.com

2. If your bedroom is deemed too noisy or too light, change the atmosphere. Create an environment that is quiet and dark in the room, and also pay attention to moisture and air vents. Because the air is too dry will make your nose become dry and easily irritated, causing discomfort when you sleep. Also, also use earplugs and blindfolds, if deemed necessary, to prevent you from sleep disorders.

11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia

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3. Use the bed only for sleeping. Avoid using the bed to watch TV, eat, work, or other activities.

11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia
Insomnia, Source: lythamhypnotherapy.co.uk

4. Apply the sleep-wake cycle regularly. Your body will automatically adjust your schedule so that you will experience drowsiness at the right time and get up at the right time. Things you can do to get the sleep-wake cycle that regularly is to wake up at the same time every day, including weekends.

5. Avoid as much as possible to sleep during the day. Sleeping during the day will get you into trouble sleeping at night. Also, a long sleep on weekends will also ruin your sleep and can aggravate insomnia in other days.

6. Limit your intake of caffeine during the afternoon and evening. Remember, caffeine-containing foods not only coffee, but also tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and other similar beverages.

7. If you consume alcohol, consumption of alcohol you watch it. Do not drink alcohol a few hours before you sleep. Because it can ruin your sleep hours, so that will culminate in sleep quality.

11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia
Drinking Alcohol, Source: medicaldaily.com

8. Stop smoking because smoking can aggravate insomnia.

11 Ways to Prevent Insomnia
Smoking, Source: more-sky.com

9. Exercise regularly during the day, either mild exercise or strenuous exercise, according to your ability. However, to avoid heavy use before you sleep.

10. Avoid eating before bed. Eating before bed will make your stomach to be uncomfortable and can disrupt your sleep.

11. Before bed, do activities that relax your body, such as reading, listening to music, or watching television.